• Product Segment:Electro Surgical Unit Analyzer
  • Brand:Datrend

vPad-RF - the smallest full featured analyzer for testing Electrosurgical Units (ESUs). Built on the Vision Pad platform, vPad-RF has everything you have come to expect from the technological leader in biomedical test equipment.

  • Digital signal processor (DSP) enables accurate testing of all ESU makes and models, continuous and pulsed-waveforms
  • Integration of ESU testing with HF digital storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions provides three pieces of test equipment in one
  • Multi-pulse analysis averages measurements from multiple RF pulses, reducing errors caused by analyzing pulses in isolation
  • High powered RF load provides settings required for all IEC 60601-2-2 tests, including Covidien ForceTriad maintenance procedures
  • Wide measurement range - up to 8.5A
  • Pre-Configured automated PM routines for most major manufacturers
  • Works with vPad safety analyzers and automation apps.

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