• Product Segment:Multi Para Patient Simulator All In One
  • Brand:Datrend

Datrend Systems’ vPad‐A1, based on our revolutionary Vision‐Pad Technology, is an “all‐in‐one” patient simulation system. vPad‐A1 is modular and is comprised of a Multi‐Parameter Patient Simulator, SpO2 test module, and a Non‐Invasive Blood Pressure simulation module which may be used together, independently, or in various combinations. An Android handheld device or vPad tablet provides the user interface.

  • 12 lead ECG simulation
  • ST Segments: 8 elevated and 8 depressed
  • Axis Deviation: Normal (intermediate), horizontal, and vertical.
  • Neonatal Mode
  • ECG Performance Testing
  • Over 60 Arrhythmia selections
  • 2 channel Invasive BP simulation
  • Temperature and Respiration simulations
  • Pacer simulations
  • Temperature and Respiration simulations
  • Cardiac output
  • SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Simulator and Non‐Invasive BP modules, compatible with all major industry manufacturers
  • Auto Settings
  • Auto Sequences
  • Test reports ‐ with user entered results

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